Wednesday, April 2, 2008

how do you get away from a set?

where would you slow down to re-evaluate?

My stats: 15.6/13/2 over 77 hands
Villian: 23.8/12.5/3.5 over 80 hands

I seriously don't mean to be posting so many bad beat soon as I actually win the hand when I'm the favorite and all-in, I'll post it for comments as well


  1. See, this is why you need to take a break, because you're at the point now where you can't wait to push all-in when you have what you think is the best hand to avoid getting sucked out on, that you're no longer playing objective poker.

    This is a tough hand, no doubt, but you didn't even stop to think for a second that you were beat holding bottom set, you tried to push as soon as possible in case your opponent was drawing or would call with something like TP.

    Like I said, you're head's not in the right place right now, call it a night.

  2. set under sets are always tough.

    A small break can never hurt.