Monday, April 14, 2008

The SuperFish

Wasn't feeling great yesterday afternoon (have been under the weather for about 3 months now, something going on with my sinuses and considering I've never have had allergies before, I'm somewhat concerned).

Anyways, I was pretty bored so decided to continue my grind at the .01/.02 tables on PokerStars. And I ran into the SuperFish. That guy that plays 92/89 (92% of hands, raising almost every hand preflop from any position). Quite often, he pushes his entire stack in with any two cards preflop. If not pushing preflop, he is pushing post flop if he caught any piece (including any flush draw including backdoor draws). He is reloading for full buy-in amount if he happens to get busted.

A couple months back, I'd be calling every time trying to hit the flop hard. Now that I have a few more cash game hands under my belt plus a lot more reading/education, I know how to play this guy. Be patient. Wait. Accept the fact that he WILL suck out on you but in the end, this type of player gives it back plus some.

And that is EXACTLY what happened. I wait patiently. He raises preflop to .08. I flat with Ax in the BB. Flop comes ace high. I make a small bet. He pushes his $13 stack in. I call knowing my ace is good. And it is as he flips over 3-7 suited, complete air as none of his suits are on the board.

SuperFish doubles through 2x on suckouts from his preflop all in pushes agaisnt others and is now sitting with $17. I am ~$13. He raises to .08. I flat with 8d10d. Flop comes 10-7-3. My 10 is definitely good. SuperFish pushes. I call. 7 on the river gives him trips. Damn. $8 profit to down one buy-in. It hurts. The first time I've been stacked at this level since I first re-started here. But I avoid tilt and rebuy for max $5.

Pocket 99. SuperFish pushes preflop. Folded around to me. Decisions Decisions. Decide to gamble and call. J on the river gives the villian two pair with his J-2off. Down 2 buy-ins. Still avoid tilt. I know this guy is going to give it all back.

I pick up QQ. SuperFish raises. MP re-raises. I push my $5 into the middle. SuperFish calls with his now ~$21 stack (he's been stacking one guy repeatedly who insists on gambling with him with poor starting hands). Another $3 stack joins the ride. I flop a Q, outpacing 4-4 from the MP and 8-3sooooted from SuperFish. Now only down $2 for the session.

Don't remember the hand exactly but once again in the BB and call with a couple faces. Flop two pair and get it all in for stacks against Superfish. Now up to ~$26. Superfish leaves and the table quickly falls apart after his departure.

However, 2 big stacks remain. I find myself with AA. I raise preflop. Get called by a $4 stack. ~$17 stack re-raises to $1.25. I push my $26 in. BOTH players call. My AA stacks BOTH players (KK and 9s10s) and I find myself with almost $40 at a now empty .01/.02 table.

I finish the session up 5 buy-ins in about 35 minutes of play. Why can't every session be that good?

So I started my .01/.02 grind on approximately April 4th with my last $24 at PokerStars. 10 days and aprrox 4500 hands in, my account now sits at ~$107. At $150 I'll move up to .02/.05 level. I plan on giving myself 30x buy-in at each level before moving up (although technically the .02/.05 level has a max $10 buy-in which I will utilize).

See you at the virtual felt,


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