Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rate has slowed but still positive

As I began to implement more of a LAG style into my game, I have seen increased volatility in my rate of return. With that said, I have also been experimenting with 4 tables while also being a bit under the weather health wise. What has resulted is that I'm down to only beating 5NL at a clip of 14.5 ptBB/100. Still pretty good considering everything.

Let's break out the issues stated above:

-Implementation of LAG-style: This can be dangerous at these microlimits as you are often running against maniacs and people who don't know how to fold second and third pairs or any sort of draw, including gutshots. I need to work on adjusting my style to table conditions more efficiently.

-4 tables: Mixed results. I definitely play better with only 2 tables. However, the difference in quality of play between 2 to 4 tables does not make up for the increased profit per hour from 4 tables. I am going to move to 3 tables and practice for a while. And then go to 4 tables from now on. I will continue to 2 table for the first 2k hands at the next level and then expand as time passes.

-Playing while under the weather: Too long of sessions while not being at prime playing capability has decreased my ptBB. Oh well. I'm aware of it and that is all.

-Bad beats: Two remarkable bad beats to share. AA < K5o all in preflop for full stacks. Turn gave him a gutshot. River completed it. Ridiculous. 2nd bad beat- AA<66 for full stacks. All in on turn. Board was all overcards to his 66 and he wouldn't give it up. River gave him the trips he was looking for. Any time you give up a full stack it will have a big impact on ptBB/100.

Bankroll on PokerStars now sits at $262. $40 to go until properly rolled for 10NL. Wish me luck and prosperity. I'll return the favor (especially to you MonsterStack).

See you at the virtual felt,

Pokerstars: $262

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