Wednesday, April 2, 2008

i know you all don't like to read bad beat posts...

but I seriously need help. Did I play this hand incorrectly?

my stats at the time of this hand 10/10 over 20 hands on this table. opponents, 44:11 over 30 hands.

I'm now down 10 buy-ins. Sadly I think I'm no longer on tilt, I'm playing solid tag poker from position yet I'm getting very close to being bankrupt. Any words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.

Am I just experiencing just some terrible luck today or am I misplaying my hands somehow? All of my posts are from TODAY alone :(


  1. You need to take a break. Just stop for the night, start fresh tomorrow. You played the hand fine.

  2. Yikes!!!! I'm sure that you already know, that you are supposed to lay down Kings preflop. Maybe you need to talk to JamyHawk.

    Kidding of course. That was brutal.

    I've always said that is your blog, you post anything that you want. Lord knows I post bad beats.

    Just keep at it. At least that is what I tell myself