Monday, April 21, 2008

Moving on up...

8.5k hands into 2NL at PokerStars and I've broken through the $150 bankroll level. This means I am now properly rolled for .02/.05 (5NL).

Played my first session and got in a couple hundred hands. Ran around 33.6 pbTT/100 for around $20 profit in the first session. Pretty volatile. Had one table I was running great on (left when I had $32 on the table) but terrible on another one (two coolers back to back) and medicore (between $1-5 profit) on the other table. I feel pretty comfortable at this level and am looking forward to breaking through the $300 barrier sooner than later.

I've heard that FullTilt is starting to offer rakeback progams to existing customers. I've emailed them requesting to be added to that program. We'll see if I ever hear anything back. While I have set up a rakeback acct in EK's name, I would much rather not mis-represent myself and play under DubsPoke once I hit 25NL. Here's the reason I'm waiting until 25NL:

For 10NL, Pokerstars rake is 5%. FullTilt is 10%. Even with 27% rakeback, Pokerstars is still a better value. At 25NL, I believe PS jumps up to 10% as well. Therefore, rakeback becomes much more important.

Anyways, that's still a ways down the road. Going to keep on truckin' at 5NL.

FT BR: $101
PS BR: $168

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