Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Down 3 BIs again in less than 45 minutes (live bloggin' style)

+two pair with K3 (limped to me in BB), all in on turn against 99...river 9; full buy in loss
+TPTK with AQ < 99 AI after flop...river 9 (full buy in loss)
+TT < QQ (all undercard flop on a player that was playing 78/46/AF7 over 40+ hands) (1/2 buy in loss)
+AQ < AT (AIPF, 1/2 buy-in loss)
+Dealt AK 6 times approx 200 hands. Net loss: $7.45


So I take a break, come back and sit at ONE table. Fold for 3 straight orbits. And then this, Villian is 38/2 over ~60 hands:

I know I'm being completely results oriented.



And of course the a$$hole immediately stood up and left.

UPDATE 4:39 AZ time:

At least I can pull the resuck myself every once in a while (some basis of my play was villian is 68.75/25/2.0 over 32 hands):


  1. Honestly the first hand you have played horrible....why were you so agressive. If you were playing like this before then the other guy could have a good read on you.

  2. anonymous - I hadn't been playing like that. Brand new table. Never played with the guy before. I didn't play a single hand in 3 orbits (aka rock style).

    Granted, completely results-oriented and yes, I could (more like should) have saved myself money. My WTF is more along the lines of how can he have a read where he can call down with AQ when I haven't played a hand yet?