Monday, June 2, 2008

Crushing on FT today!

Up over 4 buy-ins on 10nl 6max. And am currently deep in a $1 MTT. 492 runners, down to 33, i'm in the middle of the pack. Come rail me if you want! ProBubbler is my screen name.

Took my bankroll on FT from $27 to $76.

JUST doubled now in 3rd with 31 left.


UPDATE: made it to $1 tourney Final table. I have 33k and am 8/9 remaining. Gonna need a double soon with blinds at 1.5/3k 500 ante.

UPDATE: down to 7 remaining. I'm in 2nd (barely) with 104k chips after an interesting play with KK and then winning a coinflip AIPF with 77 Blinds at 2.5k/5k 750 ante.

UPDATE: Just took out 7th place. UTG+1 raised 20k leaving himself 40k behind. I shoved over the top. He calls. My As10s > 8s9s. 2nd out of 6 with 169k chips. Chip leader has 197k. 6th place just made a bad all-in push and got busted out. Now I am 3 out 6 remaining.

UPDATE: Down to 4\ remaining. still in 2nd with 154k.

Update: just took out the shortstack. Chipstacks as follows:

ProBubbler 154k
Villian#1: 426k
Villian#2: 138k

UPDATE: We're HU. and i just doubled by winning a coinflip with 77.

Stacks: 250k for me. 450k for him.

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