Friday, May 30, 2008

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I misplayed the hand. Position wise, UTG+1 is most likely not stealing as he has too many players to act without a very strong hand. For discussion sake, let's say I made the raise in LP and the villian raised from the Button or blinds. I would then consider much more strongly to make the call.

Back to the original play, this is where paying attention to stack sizes is important. I have too many chips to be calling this big of a raise. At best, I'm looking at a 60/40 or a straight up coin flip. Just not worth it at this point in the tourney when I have plenty of chips to play with. A couple positional steals and I'm back to where I was before this hand started.

Lesson learned.

Thanks for the input guys!!

Take care,

PS: ~$357
FT: ~$35 (going to play 10NL FR and be nit to rebuild a bit here)


  1. Yeah, if you're UTG I definitely fold there.

    And to follow up on ryverrat's comment:

    Now if you are on the button and UTG +1 has moved all in, I still fold. Again why risk your whole tournament on a pair of 8's without any read. Sorry Mike I dont see why being in the CO, Btn or SB helps ? Is this because there is less chance of other big hands to run into ? Even so i dont risk my tournament when i have 30bb left on a medium pocket pair.

    Not what I was trying to say at all. Dubs indicated that villain was to his direct left, so if Dubs was in the CO or button, than villain would be in the SB or button, in which case it's much more likely he's going for a re-steal, and therefore there is a much better chance that he is weak. That particular position would widen his range enough that I believe it's +EV to make the call. I was simply making that play based solely on both players' position.

  2. Oh yeah...the results (although they don't matter).

    Villian had KsQs. I lost the coinflip when the board brutalized me. AKQQ.....and then a @#%@#% 8 to rub it in.

  3. Hey Mike, apologies, I understand you now. I personally still wouldnt call that as his restealing range is still probably going to be a coinflip for you. I dont like to be calling a bet without knowing i have a huge chance to be ahead. Maybe the call is +ev but it cant be by much and when I have a lot of chips left Im happy to find another spot.