Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bankroll Management is Key

It's been well-documented on here that I've been struggling with 10NL. I'm not exactly sure what the difference between 5NL and 10NL is but one guess is that mistakes are magnified in the 10NL game. I'll figure it out eventually. The shape of the graph a couple posts earlier really shows how much I'm letting emotion sway my decisions.

The good news is that I have implemented some temporary stop losses to prevent myself from going insane and decimating my bankroll while I figure it out. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know. Here is what I'm doing:

1) One table of 10NL at a time. Yes, it is very slow going with only one table. However it is obvious I need to be working on table reads and position.

2) If I lose a buy-in at 10NL, take a break. Come back and play 5NL to get back up to $300+. (I am still crushing 5NL at a pace of 48BB/hour over 10k hands.)

As far as my actual game goes, I have identified the following areas to work on:

1) Cbets - when to do them and when not too. There are a lot of callstations at these micro levels. Some will fold to cbets. Some never will.

2) Position plays - Less play from UTG and UTG+1. More play from CO and Button.

3) 3bets - Highly profitable at this level when done correctly. I haven't been doing it correctly very often.

There is a lot more I can be working on but I'm going to try to specifically concentrate on those three areas for now.


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