Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back in a Positive State of Mind

So refreshing to not expect doom and gloom every time you sit at the table. My results have been much more consistent and positive.

I did have one interesting situation I'm looking for input on. I played in a 180 seat $2 tourney on FullTilt. Once again, I was in decent but not great shape once the bubble burst at 18 remaining.

I have about 12k in front of me (good for 9th out of 16 remaining) with blinds w/antes at 200/400. I raise to 1150 holding 88. A shorter stack immediately to my left pushes all in for 7.5k total. I have no read on him as this is a new table. Folds back around to me.

Do you fold or call?

EDIT: Mike Maloney brought up an important point. Position! I looked over lunch break. I was UTG, villian was UTG+1.

PokerStars: ~$315
FullTilt: ~$50


  1. What position are you in? If you're in the CO, button or SB I probably call, UTG or UTG+1 I probably fold, anything else and I could go either way.

  2. interesting that you say a call. Maybe im missing something.

    Firstly if as you say you are UTG and raise, villain more often than not has to have a great hand to do this. To reraise an UTG hand usually shows a lot of strength. I fold this easily. Why risk your tournament here on a potentially dominated hand ? or a coinflip. You have no read. He is also not that short with an M of 12.5. You can fold this and still be in a decent position left with an M of 18. I fold

    Now if you are on the button and UTG +1 has moved all in, I still fold. Again why risk your whole tournament on a pair of 8's without any read. Sorry Mike I dont see why being in the CO, Btn or SB helps ? Is this because there is less chance of other big hands to run into ? Even so i dont risk my tournament when i have 30bb left on a medium pocket pair.

    Apologies if i have missed the obvious here. Just my thoughts.