Thursday, May 1, 2008

April 2008 Recap

Well since dedicating myself to building a BR through cash game starting April 2008, I am off to a good stats. I have posted my PokerTracker summary, position stats, and graph for the month of April.

I'm happy to report that since I'm above 25 buy-ins at 10NL, I have started taking a couple shots there with some good success. I will continue to play 1 table 5NL and 1 table 10NL until I have a full 30 buyins at 10NL. That is approx ~$17 away.


  1. Nice Going!!!

    How do you like PT3? I'm still waiting before I decide on PT3 and HM.

    I don't want to try PT3 until the HUD is availalbe (which I havne't looked lately).