Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Good Tuesday Night

Did some 4tabling last night with great success. 2 tables dedicated to FT 180man tourney and either a 2table or 1 table SNG. Still at the $2 level until I hit $120 in the FT bank roll. Currently sitting around $95 after a successful night.

Dominated a 18seat tourney the 3rd level on for a 1st place finish. Got 3rd in a single table tourney and finished ITM in a 180seat tourney. Running about 44% ITM over 14 of these deals, a very small sample size. They are proving to be a good practice ground against very bad opponents. My late stage MTT play still needs a lot of work as I'm doing a terrible job of knowing when to steal/push/fold against various stack sizes. Going to be studying some Cardrunners videos concerning this topic. Will take any suggestions and/or links to articles as well!

My other 2 tables were dedicated to 5NL on PokerStars. After losing 3/4 a buy-in on my lunch break when my flopped set of 7s, turned FH was no good when the river put trip 8s on the board and gave my opponent a better FH with his pocket kings. So I was a little nervous about what the night would bring.

Implemented a TAG image that apparently appeared loose to my opponents as I was getting called down lightly although I routinely showed up with two pair or better. I crushed the two tables for 4 buy-ins in less than two hours. I am now properly bankrolled for 10NL and will hopefully learn how to play without being deepstacked. (What I mean is that at 2NL and 5NL, you can buy-in for 250bb and 200bb. At 10NL, you can only sit down with 100bb. How do you think this change effects the flow of the game?)

I will be flying to Indianapolis for my fiance's sister's wedding so won't be getting much time on the virtual tables after Thursday. Should be a good time and am looking forward to it.

Take care,

FT: ~$95
PS: ~$309

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