Sunday, May 4, 2008

Glad I'm working on tilt control...

Because now is a great time to implement it!

Just had these 3 hands in succession cost me 2\ buy-ins.

-AhKh. Flop top pair with the flush draw against a very aggressive opponent. Great to slow play. He bets. I call. Turn Q. he bets, I call. River Q of course and I lose the pot. 2 outer.

-Raise PRE with 33 from UTG. Get called by late position. Flop is 253 with two diamonds. I bet my set. Get reraised. I re-pot. Get it all in. He flips over 64o. Genius.

-Flop top two with A-10. Get it all in. Villian has AJ. Jack on the river.

So I'm done for a few hours. Gonna make some grub and relax. Come back in a better state of mind hopefully.

Bankroll down to $263 again. OH'll be back up soon enough.

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