Tuesday, May 20, 2008

MATH Recap

So I token'd my way into the MATH last night by dominating one of the $4 9seat SNGs. So we'll start with that.

After reading/studying bubble and satellite play over the last couple weeks, I was prepared for the following situation. 4 players left. 2nd gets $10. 1st gets the token. I am in 4th place with about 2k chips (about even with 3rd and only slightly behind 2nd place as well) and am on the button. Chipleader with about 5.5k chips or so is in the SB. I've been aggressive and raise once again from the button with Ks3s. SB calls. Flop comes 7 high with two spades. SB leads out for a little over 1/2 pot. If I push, there should be no way he can possibly call without an absolutely huge hand or the nut flush draw (even that would be terrible). He would be calling off half his stack when he is positioned perfectly to get to HU for the token. Only a donk would call here.


With 88. No spades. Turn gives me the spade I need. River another spade just to rub it in and now I am the huge chipleader.

Then 3rd place calls me a donk. The 2nd place guy goes nuts as well. 3rd place guy says how can I play K3? 2nd place is amazed I would push with an over and the flush draw. I don't offer to teach but only sit back and laugh.

12 hands later I've elminated all my opponents and secure the token.

Anyways, back to the MATH....

Played a GREAT first hour. In control of my table for the most part and was chipleader for the tourney or right there at it when first break hit.

And then things fell apart. QQ < AK AIPF (it's a race, it happens. My opponent, slightly shortstacked, played his cards exactly as I would have). A couple hands later, I get distracted (fiance and wedding plans + poker tourney DO NOT go together) and I somehow lose half my stack with Kh6h. I truly have no idea what happened, but apparently I hit the call button. 4 or 5 hands later I get crippled when I call a PFR with KcQc. Flop comes Q high and I'm up against the only opponent that has really offered me much resistance. So naturally I think his cbet is exactly that, just a cbet. I push over the top. insta-call with AQ. I manage to double a couple times before running 5h7h into the big blinds KK and blanking my OPES Flush Draw on the turn and river.

Ahhh well. At least I know I can play at a high level for at least one hour. Next time fellow bloggers beware. No distractions!

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