Friday, May 23, 2008

Another bad would you have played it differently?

Any input is appreciated. I believe I played it optimally but am looking for opinions...

UPDATE: For what it's worth, I didn't let this hand tilt me. I believe I played it optimally and that's the best I can hope for. As a result of avoiding tilt, I went on to end up nearly 5 buy-ins while 2 and 3 tabling. The guy that placed this beat on me. He was up 7 BIs before he left by making donkey call after donkey call and overplaying top pair. Quite amazing to see.

1 comment:

  1. First, in a multi-way pot, I don't like the min-raise on the flop. It was a good flop for you, and you have no reason to assume that you are not ahead, however, the min-raise means you are giving callers 5:1 odds, which means you're letting drawing hands stick around, which I hate to do when I'm not HU.

    Second, on the turn, I think you have to jam there. The board is starting to get a little scarier now, with a ton of potential straight draws, and now a couple heart as well. The fact that this guy check-called-called on the flop seems to be pretty indicative of a draw. On a draw-heavy board like this, you don't want to give anyone reason to stick around.

    Mathematically it's a mistake for him to call the turn bet, don't get me wrong, but it seems fairly clear to me that you are trying to slow play your set in order to get him to double you up. Betting half your stack in order to try and entice a call by giving 3:1 odds is not a strong play, imo. I think you have to jam here and force out your drawing hands.