Sunday, May 4, 2008

Working on Tilt Control

Suffered some tough coolers in succession and then had a villian make an absolutely terrible play and lay a ridiculous bad beat on me that kind of set me off. Pretty soon I was back down to $265 in my account. And I was embarrassed of my reaction.

And then it struck me. The "variance" in my poker game is tilt. I get pissed off when my AQ loses to 73o in preraised flops. When these hands happen (which is often at the microlimits), I tend to lose a little bit of control. And these build up. I'm on tilt.

My project for May is to work on tilt control. I'm going to stick with 5NL and 10NL and just work on dealing with situations that detrimentally affect my play. I have to be able to master tilt control before I will ever be able to reach my long-term goals.

For those that are interested, this article at 2+2 provides interesting tidbits on tilt and tilt control that may help you. Enjoy.


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