Friday, May 16, 2008

Decisions and a Moral Dilemna - Need help with 2 questions

I've really been going back and forth on the following issue:

To be honest and not rakeback or to be greedy and rakeback? That is the question.

My account on FullTilt, DubsPoke, does not have Rakeback. This could be huge as I continue to move up the ranks.

A majority of my bankroll is on PokerStars which doesn't even offer a rakeback program. At 10NL, PokerStar's rake is cheaper than FullTilt even with FT rakeback. If all goes well, I'll be bankrolled for 25NL by the end of the month (have began to crush 10NL as I have made an adjustment to account for 100bb stacks).

Once I reach 25NL, I have a big decision to make. A while back, an account was created under my fiance's name at FullTilt that does have rakeback. Should I move my entire roll at that point to that account and play exclusively under her name? What type of issues can I expect to run into? Would future regulations affect my ability to play there?

I emailed FullTilt a while back about their implementing rakeback programs for current accounts. Received an email back saying they were in beta testing of the program and would add my name to the list for possible inclusion in future batches. I certainly don't play the limits that would move me up this list so it may be a while before that opportunity actually exists.

So what do you all think I should do? Keep my rolls seperated at their sites for the methods I am using them (SNG/MTTs on FullTilt and Cash on Pokerstars? Combine them? Play exclusively under the rakeback account?

2nd Question: Offer from BoDog
Bodog PR department is in high gear. Recently received an email asking me to provide a link for them on this little ol' blog. They are willing to provide compensation either through a deposit at their site or a direct deposit. They did not mention any amounts and, more or less, left it open-ended in that regards. Good idea, bad idea? How much would be considered fair compensation? Is there a rakeback program I should utilize with Bodog if I decide to proceed with the offer?

Take care,

PokerStars: ~$321 (10NL is so easy....up 1.5BIs yesterday with little risk and in only 35 minutes of play)
FullTilt: ~$65 ($2 18 seat SNGs are major +ROI for me and GREAT practice for me in regards to learning how to play on an extended bubble. Also working on learning how to beat micro stake turbo SNGs. For you cardrunners members, look up ActionJeff's videos on turbo SNG strategies. Excellent excellent insight.)

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  1. My opinion is always to get rakeback; but if PS is less even with your rakeback, then it seems to be OK to stay there. Even at the small limits that I play, I am still making more than $200 a month in rakeback. Definitely, every little thing helps.

    I also got the BoDog email. I shot them an email back; but have not heard anything. Feel free to email me with more info (see my Profile) as to what I sent them.