Thursday, June 26, 2008

Live Blogging: My Chat Privelages on PS has Been Revoked

Here's why:

Less than 30 seconds later on another table...

I played both hands perfectly based on my reads of the individual players at question. On the top hand, the player's range was incredibly tight. I knew exactly what he had and abused him for it. Pokerstars RNG then abused me.

Bottom hand. 70/30 player. His range is incredibly wide making my push PRE profitable. Pokerstars RNG abuses me again...after teasing me first of course.

So instead of being 4 buy-ins UP. I'm 2 buy-ins down.

And for kicks and giggles KK < 99. All in on turn on a J-Q-6-3 rainbow board. 9 river for another 3/4 buy-in loss.

Sucks to consistently be making the right reads and getting bent over and ass-f$cked.

BTW - I did not yell at anyone directly but apparently the string of profanities was too much for someone at my table.... oh well.


I can't win. Pokerstars won't let me:

and your standard cooler:

Amazing I'm only down 5 buy-ins at this point.

UPDATE 5:57pm AZ time:

Took a short break, took the puppy outside, and turned on some jazz to calm my nerves a bit. Loaded up 6 tables.

Stacked two people almost immediately. Back to just a 3 BI loss for the evening.

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