Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tilt Control by Playing Multiple Tables

Interesting development. I have had better tilt control over the past couple days by playing 6-8 tables at a time rather than playing my standard 2-4 tables.

The reason?

2 reasons actually.

-First, I don't have time to think about the bad beat or try to berate my opponent in the girly (a terrible habit in the first place). I have too many tables popping up needing my attention.

-Second, I'm seeing more hands. At the microlimits, my profit will come from letting my opponents make mistakes and gifting me money. I don't need to outplay my opponents, just need to play my good hands the standard way and they will pay me off. The more hands I see equals more good hands equals more opportunities for donkeys to give me money.

As a result, I've made back my losses from my 4 BI downswing in very short order despite having two coolers where I pushed QQ and KK into AA.

Good luck at the felt.


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  1. Another reason I found for multi-tabling is that you never feel that you need to play a hand because there is always another hand to play on another table. It becomes easier to fold questionable, borderline hands. There is less reason to feel the need to gamble with mediocre hands.