Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Table Selection at 10NL = Success?

Is it possible to practice table selection at 10NL? I'm still trying to determine the answer on this one. Yesterday, I decided expirement a little bet.

I opened up my first table and immediately sat down. But didn't post for the first two orbits. Data mine on a very limited scale but it did give me an indication of who the superfish were at this table. Bought in with an idea of what I was getting into. Had a target two seats to my right. Super lag. Something like 76/10/5. In other words, playing almost any hand at any time. Super aggressive bluffer post flop. Stacked him on about the 4th hand. The reason why? Because I was already aware of his tendencies just because I was patient enough to wait 2 orbits before posting.

I also datamined 4 more tables while I started playing my first one. As I got comfortable with my first table, I added a second table where players were mostly full-stacked. Good results.

After feeling comfortable with my reads there, I added another table. Small goof when I bluffed with 22 on the turn on a QT9 two heart board. Got called by AK. Which spiked his A on the river. Will have to find the actual HH for you all to laugh at...errr with me about.

Was very happy with my results. Positive 3 buy-ins. Will have to keep it going. Make sure you all join in the RAZZ tourneyhosted by NYRambler tonight. Low buy-in. Lotsa fun. I'm going to try to be there, if the fiance allows it...



  1. It might be hard to find a 10NL table without a LAGtard at it.

  2. I'd say it's impossible. There are so many terrible players at this level it's ridiculous.

    My problem is that I get a decent hand in the first orbit and start down a couple bucks when said lagtard calls down with $hit but his $hit is better than my good starting hand that has turned to $hit.

    Thus not necessarily table selection (outside of making sure there are at least two people with full stacks at the table) but more along the lines of stemming the inner action junkie until a read has developed?