Monday, June 23, 2008

Down 4 BIs in 100 hands

All-in postflop, 2 runner-runner bad beats, one cooler and one missed draw later on 3 different tables in less than 10 minutes, I have been effectively tilted and left the tables.

TPTK < KJo (runner runner 4 card flush, he called full buy-in after flop with 2nd pair)

Flopped set of 7s < Jh4h. Villian called 5x BB raise from SB with that hand. I raise from BB, get reraised by CO, villian pushes all in with his pair of Js. Runner Runner flush.

KK < AJ. 3bet preflop. I raise post-flop, he pushes. I call. Turn Ace.

Flop top pair and flush draw against maniac playing 70/65. He pushes on flop. Shows AA. I can't catch one of my billion outs after I improve to a OESD on turn.

I'm more pissed that I can't continue to play than the loss of the money as I feel I played excellent poker over the weekend to push my feeble balance on FT to its high water mark since switching to cash of $233. Back down to $191.

UPDATE: Took a nice break. Walked the puppy and came back off tilt (I can phsyically feel when I'm on tilt, this pressure that is on the bridge of my nose and pushes up through my forehead and eyes). Decided to see how I could do 8-tabling playing ABC poker. Won back a buy-in in about a half-hour. Fiance on the way home so taking another break to make supper and whatnot. Ahhhh it feels good to know that I made a good move by taking my break.

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