Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Back to Basics....

After donking off close to $300 due to poor bankroll mgmt and not following the guidelines I have set for myself (which whenever I figure out how to rearrange this blog, I will post in a sidebar), I am now back to basics and have started winning once again.

One of the blogs I've been reading (I read it at work, so I'll have to find the link for you all tomorrow), made a great point about game selection, specifically 9seat vs 6seat SNGs. In 9 seat, you have to beat 6 other people to barely make your money back. In 6 seat, you only have to beat out 4 other people to nearly double your money for 2nd. Add in the fact that 6 seat typically is a shorter game, and you should have the more profitable game. I wholeheartedly agreed with his points and am now will be focusing my games on 6 seat SNGs at a level I'm comfortable with until I get my game back under control, $10+1. I will play sets of 2 tables at once and gradually increase the number of tables at once.

I like the idea of playing in sets as that is a philosophical change and could be good for my bankroll as well (if I play a set horribly, then I take a break; if I'm playing well, i'm playing well on two tables ideally.)

Anyways, time to get in a couple sets before I do some stuff for EK.

Good luck at the felt,

BR: $715


  1. which blog did you read that 6 handed sng strategy

  2. try this http://www.sixhanded.com