Thursday, November 8, 2007

End of Day 1

Didn't play much tonight. One lesson I've been taught (and have repeatedly) is to not play when you are tired. And tonight, I'm exhausted. I run my company's coed softball team that plays a doubleheader every Wednesday night; last night we had the late set starting at 8:30pm, which wraps up at 10:30pm. For most people, that isn't too bad. But I work in sales and work East Coast hours, which means I'm up around 5 each morning. Anyways, point being, I'm tired.

I am currently playing $20+2 9-seat SNGs. I got knocked out in 5th when my pocket 8s got beat by Ace-5 off suit. Flop came 2-3-4 and I was done. A bit of misfortune but I played my cards right and had the odds. Unfortunately, I put myself in a position to have to go all in with 8s preflop due to playing too many hands like Ax suited from early position. Have to remember to tighten up a little bit in early goings.

Played two $2 turbo SNG 9seat satellites. Got 2nd in one for $6. Bubbled on the other one.

So a little frustrated at that point, I decided that I had energy for "just one more" and sat down at another $20+2. Immediately to my left was a player that called any 3X BB raise with suited, connectors, or Ax. This caused me a few issues to start with when I'd raise with A-Q, A-J 3X BB. He flopped the nut straight 2x in a row on me. And this is where my game has matured.

I calmly kept on doing the same thing, raising with premium hands from position. Eventually I caught QQ with about 500 chips left. Raised 3x BB, get called by the guy to my the left and then button raised pot, pushing me all in. Called, guy to my left called with 6-7 diamonds as well. I tripled up when my Qs beat 10s and guy-to-left completely missed. I went on to dominate the table and win the game easily.

End of 11/8/07 - $1162

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