Monday, November 26, 2007

A Quick But Solid Session

One advantage of living less than 5 minutes from work is the fact that I get to go home for my lunch break. So I decided to see if I could make a couple bucks. I dropped $25 onto a .10/.25 NLHE 6seat Cash game and $11+1 onto a 9seat Turbo NLHE SNG. The results:

1) Cash game - Ah7H on the button, 1 limper with a very short stack already in. I raise .75 preflop. BB (a big stack around $40) and limper call. Flop comes 2 hearts and another rag, no faces. Checked around to me. Make a continuation bet of just above half the pot. BB insta calls. Limper thinks for a sec and calls. Next card, heart. how can I make money on this. Turns out easier than I thought...

BB checks, limper checks. I make a feeble bet (about quarter of pot). BB instantly goes over the top with a pot-sized bet, obviously having either a flush or has an 8 (board has 2 eights on it...obviously an important detail that I should have mentioned earlier). Limper bails with his $1.85 behind (why?...I seriously don't know, he's already in for about $4 at this point). I think for a minute, then re-raise all-in which is about $13 or so. BB nearly times out before flipping over a smaller flush but with straight flush opportunity.

River is the Ace of Spades and I doubled up. Played a few more hands and left the table with $61, a $36 profit. Not bad for 35 minutes on the table.

2) SNG - doubled up quickly when I flat-called with Ah-Jh in the big blind with 5 others already in the hand (yes...I probably should have betted, but in the early stages, I like to see how others play before I start making strong moves). Flop comes Ace,Heart,Heart. Great flop for me, top pair with a good kicker and nut flush draw. Time to go to work. Make a bet of half the pot, get called by 2 players including the button. next card is a blank. Bet stronger this time, about 3/4 pot. one fold, button calls. hmmm...what could he be holding!?

River comes and I miss the flush but I still got the top pair with a good kicker. Might as well fire again. My thinking being that the button would have raised preflop with any strong ace or upper pockets. He may have limped in with low pockets but he isn't playing he has the nuts away I go with my remaining chips. Button thinks for a bit and calls. I win the kicker battle when he shows A-2.

From there on, I just play tight. Take out another player when my Qs hold up vs his 6s and am sitting comfortably at about 3500 chips when the bubble bursts. Ok, now to go to work...

But never get the chance. Big stack takes out the 3rd place on the first hand of 3way. Next hand I'm dealt Qs-9s and push all-in. BB calls and shows Ac-2c. Not bad, I should win this about 40% of the time if remember the odds correctly.

Flop q-9-6c. (two pair...nice! Way ahead now!)
Turn -4c. (uh-oh...i know what this means....)
River - 5c (boom! The FT Tease has landed!!!!)

Anyways, I like how I'm making some good reads again and playing how I know I can. Now just to keep this going...

See you at the felt,

Bankroll: $603.

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  1. Hi,

    Try playing some short-handed (6-Max) SNGs with low buy-ins (not Turbos). They are profitable while building a bankroll. Also, when using this system I try and stay away from Turbo SNGs as they force you to play shove poker a lot. Why gamble when you can use your skills to build your roll? Check for a post on Low-Limit 6-Max SNGs written by me. Hope it helps.

    The Monster Stack