Monday, November 26, 2007

My First Blogger Tourney

Well, I played in my first blogger tourney last night via $20+2 NLHE Deepstack KO tourney. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the results. 2 hands of note:

1- Crippled myself by getting tied to pocket Kings. Raised preflop to $250 when blinds were at 25/50. With the way this game was going, this was more or less a standard preflop raise. Got called by a shorter stack that was in the BB position. Immediately, I put him on a strong hand as the player (moochie m or something like that) had taken a beating in the early goings but had tightened up considerably by this point. He did not reraise me so I knew it wasn't high pockets which means QQ, JJ, or A-Q, A-J or mid-pairs were his range.

Flop comes Axx rainbow. I make the continuation bet, he goes over the top. And I insta-call. Although I already knew I was most likely beat. It wasn't even like I had a considerable amount of $$ in the pot. ....sigh...and I wonder why my bankroll has been cut in half since I started this blog....

2- So now I'm down to about $800 with blinds around the 50-100 mark if I remember correctly. I get dealt A-5 on the cutoff. With only 3 to act behind me and a limper from a LAG player in front, I push all-in. I figured this was a good move and here's why: Button was tight player with a reduced stack (1500ish) so I still have some fold equity on him. He is not calling unless he has a decent pocket or a strong ace. He folds. SB and BB both quickly fold as well. The limper however starts to think and actually uses his Time Button. He has $6600 chips or so and it will cost him another $700 to call. Additionally, this is a bounty tournament so he has added incentive to take a shot. He calls just before he times out and reveals pocket 4s. Sweet! I got two overs which makes this a coin flip 55-45 in favor of him. Flop comes and I hit my ace! Sweet I'm back in it!

DENNNIIIIIEEEEDDDD. He hits a set on the turn with one of the 2 remaining 4s.

Typical FullTilt tease play.

BUT, I did learn a few things from my play. And I feel like my game is FINALLY starting to sharpen up.

Now just to start making a profit again. I will only be playing $10 9seat SNGs and only one table at a time until I start turning a profit again.

See ya at the felt,

Bankroll: $545ish.


  1. im glad you played in the tourney , i hope to see you next sunday night at 10pm EST at bounty tournament

  2. bounty tourney tonight?

    full tilt , 10 pm EST , every sunday night
    buyin is $20+2
    password is thepokergrind