Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Birth of the DPBankroll Blog

Ahhh the wonders of birthdays. I can remember when I was 6 years old and my birthday wish was for an Atari and to have all my friends over to celebrate and hopefully stay the night. Turning 14, I just wanted a girlfriend and to be more than 4' 6" tall. Turning 16, I just wanted to be taller than 5', get my driver's license...and, yep, still wanted that girlfriend. Turning 21, it was all about getting drunk and getting girls. Turning 24, it was about changing careers, gettin' drunk, and trying (that being the operative word) getting girls.

Now, today November 8th, I'm turning 27 and my life has changed immensley. I got above 5' and am now at 6' even. I'm fortunate to have a beautiful, supportive and incredibly brilliant fiance in my life. She will be known as EK here on this blog. I still like a drink every now and then but my liver appreciates that I've cut back.

However, one are of my life could be better - my professional life. Now this is not uncommon; a lot of people wish for their jobs to be better. My problem is I have little passion for my current job. It's a good job in professional sales for one of the world's largest financial companies. However, whenver I've been passionate about something I'm doing or working on, I have succeeded. When that passion fades, so does my ability to succeed. With no passion for my career, I'm a mouse running on a wheel. I can spin fast...I can spin slow...but I'm still not going to go anywhere.

So, this being my 27th birthday, I've decided to pursue something I have been very passionate about for several years now. Poker.

Yes, that is right. I plan on working towards being able to support myself and my impending family by playing poker. In today's world, this have proven to be possible over and over again. However, it is going to take hard work and dedication to accomplish. Since I am passionate about it, I am sure I can succeed. AND I want to bring you along for the journey.

This blog will be about tracking my progress towards my initial goal of $10,000 by my wedding date, August 28, 2008. I will need your help examining hands and strategy. I will also provide you with resources that I have uncovered. Books, articles, online videos, etc will all be covered. So let's begin.....

Starting Up

Back in March of 2007, I deposited $50 into a FullTilt account. Through dedicated bankroll management, my account is now at $1100.

On 11/5/07, I deposited $50 into a PokerStars account. I've already doubled my money playing in $5 9-seat SNGs.

My goal: Build total bankroll to $10,000.

11/8/07 FullTilt Beginning Balance: $1100
11/8/07 PokerStars Beginning Balance: $100

Shortly I will provide you with my strategy on how I will attain my goal, including some great tips on bankroll management that I've found from the likes of Chris Ferguson, Annie Duke, and Daniel Nagreanu. Check back often and don't be afraid to comment!

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