Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Process to Becoming a Better Poker Player: Step 1

Realization that I'm a Jerk and an Amateur

I have to give a big thanks to WillWonka for his blog. Reading through some of his posts has truly been an eye-opener for me. His post entitled "Justification" truly hit home. After reading it, I realized one major MAJOR flaw in my game: I'm a jerk at the table. I get angry at others for making bad decisions when truly, the bad decision was made by me.

This is even evident in one of my posts below when I bitch about a-10 beating my a-q when I was small stack and on the bubble. Calling my preflop raise with a-10 is viable. The flop just didn't work out in my favor. Instead of just reviewing how I played the hand, I have now instead reviewed how he would have played the hand. Now I can understand why. Now in the future, if I think of that BEFORE I throw my chips out there, I will have an edge and perhaps stop allowing the bad beats to happen.

Additionally, my reaction at the table was outrageous and uncalled for and I need to put an end to it immediately. Shit happens in poker, mostly in the name of "luck" and "bad beats." I need to stop trying to play others cards for them after the hand has already happened. Instead, by concentrating on improving my own play instead, I will be able to limit the probability of the bad beat.

In the end, this will make me a happier poker player. And a happier poker player is usually a more successful one. Plus that will make it easier for my beloved EK to be around me while I'm playing. Which may mean that I get to play more often. Next step: poker/life balance.

See you at the virtual felt,


Bankroll - $973.20
Tokens - $26
BR Value = $999.20

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  1. Thanks for reading and I'm glad it could help. I am adding you to my bloglines and look forward to following your progress.