Monday, November 26, 2007

My confidence restored....

A good day so far. I'm playing well and making very strong reads; as a result, making some fantastic plays.

Thought I was going to have my first big cash in a MTT as well. I signed up for a $10+1 Knockout NLHE event on FullTilt. Played well and doubled up a couple times late. I found myself sitting in around 14th with 38 people left when this hand happened:

I'm BB with a min raise from the biggest stack at our table. 2 callers plus SB call in front of me. Pot odds say play my A-2off.

Flop comes A-7-2 rainbow. WOOOHOOOOOO!!!! BigStack raises, I re-raise, he pushes me all-in. I call thinking that I have just put myself into the chip lead and have a very good shot at a final table for a real strong payday.

My thinking was wrong.

Oh well, I don't think I could have gotten away from this hand. And I was correct in calling due to pot odds. Sometimes poker is just brutal.

But with all that said and done, my confidence in my game is restored. I'm up a healthy $80 today. Bankroll after buy-in to my 2nd blogger tourney (Hoy tonight) is at $621.

See ya at the virtual felt,

Bankroll $621

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  1. With 38 players left and so much dead money in the pot, raise. You'd be surprised how often this play works. Aggression when you feel nobody wants to go out will help your chip stack grow while everybody else's shrinks.