Thursday, November 20, 2008

Back in control...

Switched away from Pokerstars for now. Someday when I have a big enough bankroll, perhaps I'll move back. But for now, I need a site with Rakeback and other assorted bonus programs.

My rakeback provider was recently able to get old accounts moved under them and given rakeback. I took $100 out of Pokerstars and am now playing on Absolute Poker. Yeah, I know about their scandal.

BUT I also play poker to win money. Rakeback is crucial for small stakes players who log a ton of hands. I'm one of those players. This will help me build my bankroll quickly while also help reduce the volatility of my bottom line.

I didn't start off well at Absolute Poker either. The players are absolutely terrible and I didn't adjust correctly at first. I thought terrible = loose passive. Well, terrible can also mean loose passive STATION. Cbetting stations and playing TopPair hands too aggressively can equal quick losses.

I've since cut back on my aggression. I'm c-betting and firing double-barrels much more effectively. I have to give props to Ed Miller for an excellent article on second barreling. Some great insight on board texture and how that affects firing 2nd barrels at donkeys. It's stuff I knew but have not been implementing at all recently.

I'm back on an upswing. Let's keep it up.


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