Monday, November 17, 2008

I HATE negative variance...

Seriously, this is getting borderline ridiculous. F that. This is ridiculous.

1k hand session at 10NL.

Expected Value: +14.25
Real Value -23.8

Those values don't even include the wonderful times where AA < 66 and villain flops a set on flop or turn and similar bullshit setup type crap.

It's going to change soon. It has to.

I suppose the most frustrating element of this is that I am practicing active seat selection, looking for the 70/15 type of fish.

I find them, make sure they are on my right, get them in the position I want. Get them to commit their chips when behind 70/30, 80/20, hell even a few 90/10s.

AND WHAM! Ship the chips their way.

So what am I doing wrong? Are my hands too vunerable to be doing what I'm doing? I'm playing a 20.1/13.3/2.1 style over 33k hands at 10NL.

I've downloaded camtasia and will be trying to do a video so perhaps you all can see exactly what I'm going through...

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