Thursday, November 13, 2008

Down 6 BI's

Just completed my review of losing hands during my 2 sessions for the day. Some wonderful stuff:

-30.95: TT vs AQ heads up, AIPF. He called my 4bet shove deepstacked (each had about $30 to begin the hand.) He turned a Q.

-25: QQ vs KK, all in on flop of 229.

-25: AK vs 66, all in on A62 flop. Villian was a 42/14 player who had history of being kicker ignorant.

-25: AT vs TJ, all in on TTx board. (Hand in previous post). Runner runner straight.

-25: KsTs vs 99, flop came A9K, two spades. River gave me two pair. 3 way pot. Pot committed by river.

-23.90: QQ vs KK, all in on flop of 339

-19.20: 55 vs TT, flop came J5T, turn J and we got it all in. Nice cooler.

-17.20: 44 vs K5, all in on turn, board was K43K. River 5 gave him bigger FH.

-14: AQ vs 33 on QQ3 flop. Standard cooler.

-13.50: AK vs AJ. Amazing I didn't lose more actually. Played the hand for minimal loss.

-11.30: KJ vs A5. I floated 247 flop in position, hit my top pair and put in big turn raise. He hit 3 on river and stupidly checked ahead. I checked behind and was fortunate not to lose more once again.

-10: AQ vs J9. He called my SB raise from CO. Flop came J9A and I was up against a 56/20 moron. River gave him a FH just to rub it in a little more.

-8.75: AK < 22. Flop come AJ6. He flatted my 3/4 pot cbet and turned a set.

-8: AQ < AT. Against a shorty, AIPF.

-7.9: Flopped straight vs turned flush against a shorty.

-7.30: AA < QQ, AIPF. Flopped a Q.

and then a whole bunch of hands between -3 and -5 where I was preflop raiser and had to fold at some point during hand after I missed.

I definitely didn't play great but I ran absolutely terribly. Man this sucks. All the way back to 10NL and will be there for a while. Again.

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