Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Back on my A game

Simple advice: If struggling, cut down on the number of tables.

Now if people would just stop hitting any draw against me, I'd be winning.

On back-to-back-to-back hands on 3 tables, I managed to lose an 80-20, a 70-30, and a 85-15 ON THE TURN! You know you are playing well when you get yourself into that position.

Went from a big day to a break-even day. Oh well...for once, as long as I know I'm playing well, I know the results will come with time.

I'm feeling good.

EDIT: Just watched a Cardrunners video by Daut. Makes a great point that he plays optimally at 6max on 4 tables, slight decrease on 6 tables, and poorly on 8 tables. Very true for me too! He only multi-tables FR. Interesting video on cascading technique. Might try this at 5NL at some point to mix things up.

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