Friday, November 7, 2008


So what goes down, must come up? I'm now positive $130 for the day. $67 per hour. Man i wish that rate was sustainable. Bankroll is now ABOVE $800.

That's above my 30 buy-ins target at 25NL. I've already been playing 6 tables at a time. 3 10NL 6max, 1 25NL 6max, and 2 25NL Full Ring. My plan is to replace one 10NL table per day as I get comfortable with the swings of the limit. If I drop below $750, I will subtract one 25NL table. If I drop below $700, I will go back to my previous setup with 2 25NL FR, 3 10NL 6max, and 1 25NL 6max. If I drop below $650, I will go all 10NL with only 1 25NL Full Ring table.

Any suggestions?

Wish me luck!

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