Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mass Multi-Tabling 10NL FR

Experiment went well. Had anywhere from 14 - 18 tables of Full Ring 10NL going. Won a little over 5 buy-ins over 2 hours and 1730 hands. And actually, as the theme for the day apparently, ran below expectations by a couple buy-ins.

A couple beauts was flopping the nut straight to lose to a rivered full house. Guy flopped top two, can't blame him for getting it in but still sucks that I lost the 80/20.

The second awesome hand was flopping top two, getting it all in versus the royal flush draw. It came in on the turn of course. Even with top two, I was a slight dog (48/52). Par for the day for me.

The other wonderful hand was KK < 99 AIPF for a full stack. Gotta wonder what 99 was doing calling a 4 bet shove, especially since he wasn't nearly pot committed at that point.

Despite all that, still was positive for 5 buy-ins. That tells me that 10NL Full Ring is ridiculously easy to crush. It was a blast too. Tons of action but still quite a bit lower variance than 6max has been for me recently. Great way to stay focused on playing ABC poker as well which is really what I need to be focusing on for now.

I think I'm going to continue this mass multi-tabling of 10NL Full Ring for a few days to build back up to a comfortable level for 25NL. Then I'll give that wretched level another shot.

Wish me luck!


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  1. Some serious run of bad luck there. Atleast you have the right attitude to bankroll management. Moving down will allow you to survive. It wont be long before you are back at 25NL and that run will be on the right side of variance. Looking forward to the Up 10 buyins in 1 session post.