Monday, December 15, 2008

AP/UB Has Micro-Limit HU

Background on this guy. I doubled through him when my OPES+FD hit on river and he called my shove with a pair of Aces. He then sat out and told me to get off his table. I didn't. After a bit, he sat back in. And shoved. For 10 straight hands. Then started playing normal again with a shortstack. Beat him on a small pot and he started shoving again. Picked up a hand thought would be a coinflip at worst. 99 vs KJo. I fill a straight on the river. Hilarity ensues (FYI, I'm trying to goad him back into playing. Tried being nice first. Then played up against his obvious pride. Unfortunately didn't work:

SHARK0011: lol
DUBSPOKE wins ($7.17) with (Straight, ten to ace).
SHARK0011: kj
SHARK0011: haha
SHARK0011: u play for the site
DUBSPOKE: you ever play HU before?
SHARK0011: its hilarious
DUBSPOKE: pretty standard there
SHARK0011: kj
DUBSPOKE: especially based on your huge push range you've displayed ov
SHARK0011: ur a favorite over no hand?
DUBSPOKE: over the last 30 hands or so
SHARK0011: ur not a favorite over anything
SHARK0011: ur trying to draw out
SHARK0011: thats all
SHARK0011: i dont rely on lukc
SHARK0011: luck
SHARK0011: donk ass
DUBSPOKE: you chicken?
DUBSPOKE: or just broke?
SHARK0011: neither
SHARK0011: i dont play against donkeys that dont rely on any skill
DUBSPOKE: that's why you won't play me?
DUBSPOKE: becuase you think i'm a luckbox with no skill?
SHARK0011: nope
SHARK0011: everytime u suckedout
DUBSPOKE: you do realize how reta.rded that sounds right?
DUBSPOKE: i suck
DUBSPOKE: so you won't play me
SHARK0011: i know
DUBSPOKE: so you only play good players?
DUBSPOKE: of which you have no edge against?
DUBSPOKE: now that sounds like a winning plan
SHARK0011: that dont make retarded moves
SHARK0011: or calls
SHARK0011: correct
SHARK0011: they have a clue and dont rely on luck
DUBSPOKE: haven't played much HU have you?
DUBSPOKE: chicken$hit loser
SHARK0011: check my stats
SHARK0011: i make 1k a week at this game
DUBSPOKE: playing 10NL?
SHARK0011: from players like you
SHARK0011: yea
SHARK0011: very easily

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  1. that is quality...

    $1000 at 10nl. open pushing

    damn. its a new style of winning.

    'add to buddy list'