Monday, December 29, 2008

PBP Update: Goal #1 Reached

Goal #1:

Reach $500 Bankroll by January 31st.

Crushed. Surpassed it in 9 days since writing my PBP (Poker Business Plan). Ran at a rate 0f 15.24 bb/100 over 16k hands. Big key was taking the advice of Ryverrat and leave a table once I double up. Lock-in my profits and I play better with 100BBs than 200BBs at this point in my game.

Implementation plan for 25NL:

4 tables max. 3 will be at 10NL. 1 table at 25NL. One 10NL table will be dropped for every additional $25 into the bankroll as follows:

Bankroll $550 - 2 tables of 25NL, 2 tables of 10NL
Bankroll $575 - 3 tables of 25NL, 1 table of 10NL
Bankroll $600 - 4 tables of 25NL, 1 10NL table
Bankroll $625 - All 25NL

Next goal is $1k bankroll and 50NL.

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