Sunday, December 14, 2008

HU SNGs....

This article makes a lot of sense.

Why in the world don't I play more of these? It's much easier to double your money in these than it is in cash games.

I'm now 6 for 6 in $2 HU SNG's on PS.

12:26pm EDIT: 7 for 7
12:28pm EDIT: 8 for 8
12:59pm EDIT: 8 for 9
1:04pm EDIT: 9/10
1:36pm EDIT: 9/11
1:50pm EDIT: 10/12
2:04PM EDIT: 11/13
2:18pm EDIT: 11/14

Total Win: $44
Total Cost: $30.80
Total Profit: $13.20

So in a 2 hour session of 3 tabling 10NL, I made $2.31. I made $13.20 at $2 HU SNGs at the same time.

I wonder how feasible it is to multi-table these HU SNGs effectively. Will have to explore this a bit more.

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