Monday, December 29, 2008

PBP Update: Goal #1A Reached

My first $100 day.

Profit for today (excluding rakeback) is at $103.89.

Why such a massive heater? Combination of solid play, good reads, and awesome table selection and then avoiding the massive suckouts for once.

Once my rake hits my account, I'll be over the $600 mark. 4 tables of 25NL here I come. By the way, I will drop back to 3 tables of 25NL if I go under $575, back to 2 tables if I drop under $550, etc.

My readings so far:

10NL - 17219 hands, 15.63 bb/100
VPIP 18.9, PFR 13.0%, WTSD% 25.4, W$SD% 53.1

25NL - 329 hands, 67.73 bb/100, 21.9/17.6/4

More later on crushing 10NL.

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