Friday, December 12, 2008

Cardrunners Video: Interview with Balbomb

For the CR members out there, make sure to check out the video "Zaitsev - Behind the
Grind: The Balbomb Story, Part 1 of 2."

It's essentially an interview with a successful 200NL player named Balbomb combined with powerpoint slides. What I found inspirational about it is the unique thought process he utilizes and how he seeks to take advantage of the current "standard" plays and exploit them. Very interesting stuff that I encourage all to review.

He also mentions that his "secret" to moving up so quickly occurred when he realized that players at 50NL and below (and in some part 100NL), typically have what they are representing. So if that guy with an AF of 1.2 is check-raise shoving over your cbet on a 856 flop that you raised PRE with KK, your KK is probably not good unless you have a read that says so otherwise. He'll show up with 79, two pair, set, etc more often than he'll show up with A8o.

Now if I could just get beyond my "entitlement" (after all, KK is supposed to win all the time, right?) and fold my KK, I might actually move up sometime this year (ehhh...or next year!).

Anyways, I've taken some rough beats on my 50NL quest on AP, got knocked to 4 buy-ins or so. Dropped back to 10NL to build up again for a bit. It was a good experience giving 50NL a whirl. I now know that I can play that level with ease, now it's just a matter of getting a sufficient bankroll to play it consistently.

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