Saturday, December 20, 2008

Plan Check-In: Day 3

Hours Played: 11.3 (TARGET 6hrs, +5.3)
Hands Played: 3296 or 291.7 per hour. (TARGET hands [6x400 = 2400], +896)
Total Winnings: $64.24 (TARGET 6hrs * $4 per hour = $24, +$40.24)
Win Rate: 19.49 bb/100 (TARGET 10bb/100 = +9.49 bb/100)
Bankroll: $283.60 (Target $200 + (3days * $8 per day) = $224, + $59.60)

The only stat out of whack is the hands per hour & total hours played. I had a 3 hour session of 1 tabling because I was doing some work while playing. That session was a whopping win of $2.59 (AQ < 82 was a 116bbs loss that I suffered in that session otherwise would have been very nice.)

So I'm cruising right along. FYI - Rakeback will be added to my bankroll in $25 increments and as earned. That will help speed up the process for me as well.

I have an Excel spreadsheet I'm using to track my progress as well.

Now for my biggest wins and losses:

A cooler turned massive suckout:

My bets may be too small, but I think Villian is calling me down no matter what because that is what fish do:

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