Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Playing marginal hands.....

I'm definately struggling in this area. I have two options:

1- Don't play marginal hands preflop. Marginal hands are 77 and under, non-suited broadways, suited connectors.

2- Learn to play them correctly preflop and postflop.

I'm currently playing quite terrible and running poorly as well. A bad combination.

I played a 900 hand session. Never dealt AA. Loser with AK, loser with KK (dealt 4 times, won blinds 3x and lost vs AK AIPF), and loser with AQ (dealt 6 times). Dealt QQ 3 times and actually won all 3 including a $20 pot. Apparently the bietches be good.

So my premies aren't holding up for the most part either. It's funny seeing soooo many leaks come out though. Now I just gotta figure out how to stop them.

Anyways, back to marginal hands. I've been raising from MP - LP with them. Make a standard cbet, get called and then either A) make a bad bluff/2nd barrel or B) get CRd and either call if I have a draw (bad) or fold (now a medium sized pot instead of a small one).

My game is a mess so I might return to Pokerstars 5NL for a while just to practice playing a ton of hands in position/out of position, in marginal spots.

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