Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another -$70 night.....

Right off the bat again as at my 25NL table, AA<77 and KK < 99 and the corresponding tilt/bad play that has routinely followed me after those rough beats (there not bad beats because money went in after the flop). On a ~$600 bankroll, that hurts.

But it is very nice when I rally back to post another positive night of around a whopping $6. =)

The trick tonight?

First getting off life tilt and just focusing on the action but perhaps more importantly, dropping from 8 tables to 4 tables, 2 of them 10NL and 2 of them 25NL. Crushed the 25NL tables and had a solid evening at the 10NL tables.

One interesting note, Ed Miller had a strategy post regarding the play of suited connectors. He suggests re-raising with them when in position. He then goes on to explain why and shows an example when he did not 3bet them and the tough spot it put him in.

So I tried 3 betting in position a few times tonight. Great results. I'll try to find some examples to post later.

But for now, I'm just whipped tired. A long day of non-resolution and stress has left me exhausted and worn out.

Tomorrow is a new day. Perhaps I can just have a positive $70 day without the preceding negative day. That would be nice.

Take care,


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