Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's happening today....

Supposedly within the next 45 minutes.

This sucks. Definitely not how I would run a business.



Update: Rec'd an email from floor mgr allowing everyone who takes lunch at this time to take their lunch but be back by 11:30 AZ time (2:30 est). Talk about dragging out this f'in process. It is 11:08 AZ time right now by the way.

Worst handling of layoffs ever.

Update: It's 11:41. We're still waiting.

Update: 11:49. Time slowly passes by as we await, nerves jumping, stomach turning...flip flop....flip flop. What fate is in store for us? Rumor has it that we will be directed to 2 conference rooms. Never wanted to be on American Idol but about to face the same punishment except there will be no cheers of joy. Just resignation that only one group of us will wake up with a job tomorrow.

Update: Noon. Apparently some sort of hang up with HR. My guess is they have to wait for proper security to show up. Eh. Who the F knows? I'm just pissed at this point.

Update: 12:15. No news. F'in ridiculous.

Update: 12:30. Still waiting. Do I really want to work for an organization that routinely pulls this type of bullshit?

Update: 12:50. Just informed it will be at least another half hour. They are letting those that didn't take lunch earlier to head out now. TWO FUCKIN WEEKS! And they still managed to fuck this whole deal up. Half-way hoping I do get canned, I can collect my severance and move on to pastures where they don't act fuck everything up on a routine basis.

Update: 1:23. Both of my external partners have been canned. I sit here and twiddle my thumbs. Just to let you know, I did win an annual award last year, the "Visionary Award," for teamwork, leadership, and being a valuable asset to the organziation, only 2 people out of 50+ on the sales desk received the award. I expect to keep my job. But as word passes down of some of the externals that are being canned, no one is safe.


What a f'in joke. Some type of problem in Legal has delayed the announcement until Friday if not later. All the externals have been notified. Both of mine were fired. So now I get to cancel all of their appointments and come up with some bullshit excuse as to why. fun.


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