Monday, October 6, 2008

sucks (a slightly misleading title)

The market sucks. Job uncertainty sucks. Mood is dour.

With all that said, I had a good weekend of poker. Go figure.

Since utilizing HEM, my winrate over almost 30k hands at 10NL is over 16 BB/100 which is pretty darn good. My shots at 25NL have been terrible, -2.x BB/100 over 15k hands. But at my 3 shots at 50NL, I've won a full Buy-In every time. Weird.

In any case, I've decided to not take any shots at 25NL until adequately bankrolled for it at 30 BIs on my PokerStars account. To get there, I have started 9-tabling 10NL with continued success. Won 4 BIs in about an hour of play and 1k hands during my Sunday session. And that was with a couple of rough beats mixed in there.

In regards to the graph posts, I reviewed the 25NL and 10NL graphs. The both have the crossing of W$SD and Non-showdown winnings.

My obvious conclusion is that when I ramped up my flop and turn aggression, I started winning more without showdown. However, I have been taking hands too far that have gotten to showdown. As a result, I've gotten crushed at showdown. Toss in some bad beats and horrific hero calls and you have a negative rate of W$SD.

So essentially I've been over-aggressive with my good hands, forcing opponents at before showdown and therefore have been losing value. I'm going to tone it down a bit on the aggression side and see what happens.

Other conclusion, it is more profitable to be a winner at showdown and breakeven at non-showdown winnings than it is to be positive at non-showdown winnings and negative at showdown. Agree/disagree?

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  1. Hello,
    I also have noticed that sometimes the 0,25/0,5 table players are looser then the 0,1/0,25 players. So with the right strategy you can make some money there.
    I also can not understand why but I also have difficulties on the 0,1/0,25 table and I do better at one lower and one higher level.