Thursday, October 2, 2008

Seeking Comments on Graph

Before I relay my comments on the above graph, I would like to see what your conclusions are.

One key point, half-way point is when I started mixing in 25NL with my 10NL games. So downswings would be more marked than the first part of graph. Still, more importantly, I want to hear your comments on the diversions of the various colored lines, Winnings at Showdown and Non-Showdown Winnings.

Looking forward to the comments.


PS -> Still no additional word on the status of my job for those that might care.


  1. I think at 10NL most of your winnings come from the inability for your opponents to lay down their hands and the wide range that they showndown.

    25NL has the start of some decent players atleast and more of these will know how to lay down their hands out of position therefore creating more non showdown winnings.

    Maybe you should show the graph with the 2 levels split ?

  2. oh btw, im in the same employment business being a trader for a US bank and I feel the same unease as you regarding job security.

    This situation sucks!

  3. thanks ryverrat. I was thinking about splitting the graphs this morning as I was driving in to work as well. I'll get that done when I get home tonight.