Monday, October 27, 2008

Session Recap - Morning of 10/27/08

Another +7 Buy-in session. 2.5 hours of play and approximately 1200 hands. 4 6max tables and 3 FR tables at 10NL. Interesting to note that I made the exact same amount in FullRing as I did in 6max.

The quality of play at FullRing blew my mind. Absolutely atrocious. I had someone call me down 3 streets after I raised preflop. Got all the money in on the river. His hand? AJo. No draw, just AJo high. My TPTK was good.

Another instance. Guy limp-calls from EP after I raise AQo from BB. Flop comes xQJxA. He called 3/4 pot-sized bets every street and I shoved him on river. He calls. 99 was his great hand.

Seriously, these guys were just GIVING away money.

Ah well, I'll take it. Only $36 to go and I'll breakeven for the month which is pretty awesome considering I was once down 21 buy-ins.

Plus my $50 bonus only has 58 more VPP to go. Should get it later today, possibly tomorrow.

Then I'll be back to taking shots at $25NL. This month has definitely been a good learning experience for me.


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