Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Tale of Two Limits and Two Graphs

More graph fun:

25NL: Oct 1 - Oct 14

10NL: Oct 1 - Oct 14

I have a real hard time believing that the two limits play that much differently yet my results are DRASTICALLY different. Yes, I did run poorly over a short sample at 25NL earlier this month as well this past weekend but I think there is a bigger problem going on.

The mental wall.

To put it more eloquently (or perhaps less, dependent on your view), I mind-fuck myself whenever I play the higher limit which is quite sad. Its 25NL! A whopping $25 buy-in. Yet somehow, tt gets me off my A game; I end up doubting the plays that I am making. The only cure I can think of is to just keep throwing myself at it until I break the wall down.

So I'll keep on paying for my shots by 5tabling 10NL and having one table of 25NL up and running.

Any other ideas/suggestions are gladly accepted.


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