Saturday, October 18, 2008

Need Input: Where should I play?

I have an approximate $500+ bankroll at Pokerstars right now. I have approx ~$30 at FullTilt on an account with Rakeback. That account is not my original account there.

I am currently playing a mix between 10NL and 25NL. I have already qualified for SilverStar Status on Pokerstars for the month and I have logged 25k hands so far this month. That's while I was employed. So I can imagine that I can hit 40k without issue while employed.

My question is where should I play? The problem with FT is that I cannot drop down to 5NL or 2NL if I need to. I like the comfort of being able to do that.

If I decide to switch it up, is anyone willing to do a transfer with me. we would start out with $25 transfers and go from there.




  1. Mate, the rake is terrible at FT for 10NL. You should never be grinding there. There were many topics about that on 2p2 a whlie ago. Ill find them if you want them.

    Also ipoker skin tilts me like mad if you were thinking of there . I dont like it at all and you cant get rakeback accounts there now i think.

    Just my thoughts..

  2. I can help you out for 25 on FT if you want. Just hit me up and we can get it done if you want.