Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Interesting Day Yesterday on the Tables

Picked a poor time to play yesterday over my lunch break and tilted off 3 BIs. Got home and sat down with I thought a better focus. Lost 4 BIs. Combination of bad luck and horrific play with some massively terribly hero calls mixed in as well.

So let's recap. -7 BIs on the day. Ouch.

And then something happened and I'm not exactly sure what. I hit one big hand and stacked some poor smuck overplaying 2nd pair. Just like that, I was back on my A game. I slowed down. I made better decisions. I started choosing my spots better. Everything "clicked."

I ended up playing ~1200 hands yesterday. I ended +1.5 BIs.


PS-> Still awaiting word on job status. Today or tomorrow.

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