Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quick Question...

PokerStars has a $50 bonus available for 5k FPP for SilverStar Status. I am currently qualified at that level. Should I:

A) continue to hoard FPPs, nothing in their store really interests me until you get above 20k FPPs or so.

B) utilize 5k on the $50 bonus until I can get into higher limits where I will be generating FPPs at a much faster rate.

Thanks for your input!


  1. I've taken the $50 a couple of times. As far as rakeback value compared to other sites, it is probably not the best deal.

    I've seen some 2+2 posts on it before.

    But then again, $50 is $50.

  2. Decided to purchase one and see how it goes. 350 VPP is going to take a while when 4-tabling 10NL. When i get back up above 40 Buy-ins I'll add a few more tables, but for now, I'll just grind it out on 4.

    Thanks for the info!!